About Our Company

A Commitment to Leave the World a Better Place

Denver-based Energy Genius Solar was created out of a commitment to leave the world a better place than it was. We are fulfilling a mission to make it easy and affordable to power your home and homes around the Denver metro area with solar power. With our unique and creative partnerships, we are the only solar company in the world that offers a Zero Payment for Life™ program that allows you to go solar and never have to pay your Colorado electric company again. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you save money and the planet.

Our Mission 

To make it easy and affordable for every homeowner in Denver, and the rest of America, to go solar and use renewable energy to power their homes. In an effort to leave the world a better place outside of solar, Energy Genius Solar plants thousands of trees and provides clean drinking water for less fortunate communities.

Our Founders

Shane Leever

Over the past decade Shane has been looked at as a leader in the home improvement industry. He has been awarded the Salesman of the Year Award for Inc. 5000 companies on 5 occasions. He was invited to join the Joint Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University after facilitating the sales and marketing design, hand-in-hand, with the 3rd largest retailer in North America to develop a multi-billion dollar energy efficient residential window system.

Energy Genius Solar owner Shane Leever
Energy Genius Solar Owner Paul Timpson

Paul Timpson

Paul has been in the solar industry for over 5 years now and has made an impact in the industry through thoughtful and innovative ideas. Paul focuses his time and energy on providing an extraordinary customer experience. A born leader, he has led teams across the globe in fulfilling renewable energy and sustainable projects.

Don’t pay a thing until your
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