The Energy Genius Solar Power-Production Guarantee

An Industry-First

We at Energy Genius Solar in Denver are proud to offer an industry-first: The Power Production Guarantee. In short, we guarantee that your Denver Energy Genius solar power system will produce as much energy as you need for 25 years! That is, you won’t be billed for electricity consumption again for at least 25 years.

How did we do this? It’s easier than you think. For starters, the amount of energy your household consumes is publicly accessible. So Energy Genius Solar checks this information out before even doing an estimate for your solar power system. We know beforehand how much solar energy you will need.

If your solar system ever falls short of providing enough electricity to meet your needs during the 25 year period, we will either reimburse you for any extra costs you incur or add more solar panels so that you can continue to use your energy efficiently.

Read below to see owner Shane Leever‘s story of how the Power Production Guarantee came to be.

Array of alternative energy photovoltaic solar panels on roof of residential house

The Power-Production Guarantee Story

by Shane Leever, Owner

Any good, reputable company is going to have a warranty…right? Well, There’s a difference between a warranty and a production guarantee.

We know before your installation that we’re going to have to produce, say, 10,000 kilowatt hours per year for your home. That’s because we looked it up online and pulled your usage. So we actually know ahead of time how much electricity you use each year.

So how do you know that your new solar power system is going to produce 10,000 kwh per year? With other companies, you basically just have to trust them because you don’t really know how it all works. So then, what would happen if your system only produced 8,000 kwh, when you used 10,000?

Happy electricians employed to install energy efficient solar panels in the new green economy.

The first thing that would happen, is that your electric company would charge you for the power that you pulled from them rather than your solar panels.

With other solar companies, here’s what else would happen: You call them up. They’ll say “cool, we’ll schedule a site survey to come and check things out, get up on the roof, test things out.”

Then, after the survey, they’ll say, “Hey, good news. The panels are working great, the panels are working awesome, so you’re good to go.”

But what about 2,000 kwh that your system didn’t produce?

Yeah so … you would still have to pay that. THEN they would say “Well listen, all we have to do is add some panels and then your system will produce what it needs to.” And who do you suppose would have to pay for the additional panels? That’s right. You would.

So now let me show you the Energy Genius Solar way. If you call us, there would be nothing to pay, even if we decided additional panels were needed … because we guarantee the production. 

This 25 year production guarantee guarantees that if you need 10,000 kwh and our system only produces 8,000, we will, first, reimburse you for any extra energy costs that you had to pay the utility.

Second, we will get on your roof and test everything. If everything looks ok, we will then add panels to produce that extra energy at no cost to you.

So, to sum up … You don’t pay the extra energy costs, we reimburse you for that, and we will add panels to the system if we need to. How does that PEACE OF MIND feel?

With a Energy Genius Solar system, you know you’re going to get what you pay for.

Solar panels on house rooftop

Don’t pay a thing until your
solar panels are on the roof!