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Get the Benefits of Solar Power for Your Business

Are you a business owner who is looking for ways to save money and be more environmentally friendly? If so, then you should consider solar power. Solar services for businesses can provide many benefits, including lower energy costs, increased sustainability, and even tax breaks. If you are ready to make the switch to solar power, keep reading!


Commercial & Industrial Installation

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It’s Now More Affordable Than Ever for your Company to Make the Switch to Commercial Solar

With the growing number of tax incentives and rebates available in Colorado, now is a great time for businesses to switch to solar power. In addition, the cost of solar panels and solar systems has decreased significantly in recent years. This means that businesses can save even more money by switching to solar power.

Solar power can save businesses money on energy costs, increase the value of the business, and help contribute to sustainability efforts. Commercial solar systems are different from home solar systems in a few key ways, including that they are usually grid-tied and owned by the business. If you are interested in commercial solar services in Denver, Colorado, contact Energy Genius Solar today! We offer free solar consultations and can help you determine if solar power is right for your business.

Solar panels with technician

Solar Power Can Increase the Value of Your Business

Not only can solar power save you money, but it can also increase the value of your business. This is because potential buyers will see that your business is environmentally friendly and that you are doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint. This can make your business much more attractive to potential buyers, which can lead to a higher sale price.

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Solar Power Can Help You Save Money on Energy Costs

One of the main reasons businesses switch to solar power is to save money on energy costs. Solar power can help you lower your energy bills by offsetting the cost of traditional forms of energy, such as natural gas and electricity. In addition, if you generate more solar power than you use, you can even sell this excess power back to the grid. This can further offset your energy costs and help you save even more money.

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Solar Power Can Increase Your Sustainability Efforts

As a business owner, you may be looking for ways to increase your sustainability efforts. Solar power can help you do this by reducing your reliance on fossil fuels. In addition, solar power can help you offset your carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner environment.


What’s Different About Commercial Solar Systems?

The type and scale of the commercial solar system that your business will need obviously depends on the size of your building, or buildings, and your power needs. But besides size, what is different about commercial solar electric systems as compared to solar electric systems for homes?

engineer team working on replacement solar panel in solar power plant;engineer and electrician team swapping and install solar panel after solar panel voltage dropThe most significant difference is that commercial solar systems are usually grid-tied, while most home solar photovoltaic (PV) systems are not. A grid-tied system means that it is connected to the utility power grid and can feed excess electricity back into the grid. Home PV systems are not typically connected to the utility power grid, so any excess electricity generated by the system is lost. In some cases, batteries can be used with home PV systems to store excess electricity for later use, but this generally increases the cost of the system.

Another significant difference between commercial and residential solar electric systems is that commercial PV systems are usually owned by the business, while most home PV systems are leased or purchased through a power purchase agreement (PPA). This means that the business will receive all of the solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) generated by the system. SRECs are tradable credits that can be sold or traded to utilities to help meet their renewable energy goals. In some states, businesses may also be able to take advantage of property tax abatements and other incentives.

How Do I Get Started with Solar Services for My Business?

If you are interested in solar services for your business, the first step is to contact a reputable solar company. Energy Genius Solar is a leading provider of commercial solar services in Denver, Colorado. We can help you determine if solar power is right for your business and provide you with a free solar consultation. We will also help you choose the right solar system for your business and provide you with a custom quote. Contact us today to get started!

How Many Solar Panels Will I Need?

A question that many business owners initially have is, how many solar panels will I need? The answer to this question obviously depends on the size of your business, your power needs, and other factors. But a good rule of thumb is that you will need about 100 square feet of solar panels for every kilowatt (kW) of electricity that you use. So if your business uses 50 kW of electricity per day, you would need about 5000 square feet of solar panels. This may seem like a lot, but remember that solar panels are usually installed on rooftops or other unused areas on a property, so they will not take up valuable space.

Are Commercial Solar Panels Different than Residential Solar Panels?

The differences between residential solar panels and commercial solar panels are mostly due to the differences in size and power output. Commercial solar panels are typically larger and have a higher power output than residential solar panels. They are also usually more durable and can withstand harsher weather conditions. This is because commercial solar systems are usually grid-tied, which means that they need to be able to produce electricity even when the sun is not shining.

Reliable Power, 24/7

Another concern that you may have as you consider a commercial solar installation is the reliability of solar energy when the sun hasn’t been shining. It may be ok for a house lose power for brief periods, but for a business, this is simply not an option. This is the primary reason why, as we have mentioned, commercial solar systems are usually grid-tied. They can draw power from the grid when needed. Solar panels also produce more electricity during peak sun hours, so your business will still have plenty of power even when demand is high.

Choose a Company that Has Experience with Commercial Solar Projects

Rooftop solar panels on a commercial buildingCommercial solar installations are often a major project as compared to residential solar installations. This is why it is important to choose a company that has experience with commercial solar projects. Energy Genius Solar has installed hundreds of commercial solar systems in the Denver area, so we have the experience and expertise you need to ensure that your project is a success. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial solar panel services.

Commercial buildings often have large, flat rooftops that are perfect for solar panel installation and provide significantly more space for efficient solar panels than can be found on the typical residential roof. For those businesses without adequate roof space, a solar array can often be installed on the ground. These ground-based panels are sometimes a no-go for homeowners because they are considered ugly. Commercial property owners tend to be more open to the idea, however, as the solar array will not be visible from the street and will have little impact on the aesthetic of their business.

Contact Energy Genius Solar Today!

If your business is ready to join the clean energy revolution, solar is the way to go. Solar panels are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and save money on your energy bills. And with the help of an experienced solar company like Energy Genius Solar, you can be sure that your commercial solar project will be a success. Contact us today for more information!

Solar power for businesses has many benefits: it’s environmentally friendly, it can save you money, and it’s a great way to support the move toward clean energy. If you’re considering making the switch to solar, contact Energy Genius Solar today. We’ll help you determine if solar is right for your business and, if so, we’ll take care of everything from start to finish. Contact us today to learn more!

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