Commercial & Industrial Solar Installation

From design to installation, we provide commercial solar energy solutions that help businesses and industries of all types and sizes to have lower energy costs, reduce their carbon footprint, and improve the value of their property.

The Importance of Going Solar For Heavy Energy Users

In today’s business world, sustainability has become one of the key factors that companies worldwide consider when conducting business. Many companies have set their goals of becoming more sustainable, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to install solar panels. As these entities often use large amounts of energy, installing a solar energy system can have a significant impact on reducing their carbon footprint and help them reach their sustainability goals.

Cost-Effective Solution For Businesses

Businesses are always looking for ways to reduce their operating costs, and installing a solar energy system is one of the most effective ways to do so. With the prices of photovoltaic (PV) systems and other solar equipment dropping significantly in recent years, the return on investment (ROI) for commercial solar installations has never been better. In addition, businesses can take advantage of various state and federal incentives, including solar tax credits and utility rebates, which can further reduce the upfront cost of going solar.
solar panels on the roof of administrative building

Solar Energy Increases Property Value

Commercial property owners are always considering ways to increase the value of their properties, and one of the most effective ways to do this is to install a solar energy system. Solar panels make a property more attractive to potential buyers or tenants and can help to increase its resale value. With the current trend of businesses looking for ways to become more sustainable, properties with solar panels are in high demand.

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Fixed Rates For The Future

Energy costs are constantly on the rise, and it's not uncommon for businesses to experience significant increases in their electricity bills from one year to the next. But with a commercial solar energy system, businesses can lock in low energy rates for the long term, providing them with protection from future rate hikes. This fixed-rate pricing can help businesses to better budget for their energy costs and avoid any unwelcome surprises down the road.

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Reduced Dependence on the Grid

Most commercial and industrial properties rely heavily on the electric grid to meet their energy needs. But with a solar energy system, businesses can produce a significant portion of their own electricity, reducing their dependence on the grid. This not only helps to improve a business' bottom line, but it also increases its resilience in the event of a power outage or other grid emergency.

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