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How Much Does Solar Cost in Colorado?

Because of the increasingly competitive prices in the market, solar energy has become increasingly popular in Denver … and increasingly affordable! Yes, the initial cost of setting up a solar system is a bit costly since it includes the cost of buying the solar panels, the related equipment, and paying for the installation. Nevertheless, solar energy technology is constantly evolving and developing for the better, so solar now is more affordable than it has ever been.

If you can generate more electricity or energy than you can consume, there is a great possibility that you will receive payments for the surplus energy that you export back to the grid through the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG).

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Financial & Environmental Benefits of Solar

Recent natural disasters such as wildfires, heat waves, and extreme ice melt events have inspired many to seek more eco-friendly lives. Interest in buying solar panels in order to fuel our homes is ever-increasing. As solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun, installing solar panels on your Denver home can help to combat greenhouse gas emissions and reduce our collective dependence on fossil fuel.

Much of the environmental benefits of solar are well documented. Did you know that installing solar on your home provides many personal financial benefits as well?

Rooftop Solar Requirements

Because of the incredible change in the solar industry in recent years, a lot of people are now paying attention to what solar technology can bring to their daily lives. Since the rooftop panel system is the most common design that people work with, some of them might plan to get a solar panel system without realizing whether the integrity of their roof qualifies for proper installation. Just like some other equipment that is being installed in residential areas, solar panel installers have specific guidelines or requirements to meet in order to create a sustainable solar panel system. Before you enter into a solar panel installation contract, make sure the company you choose to go with does an adequate inspection of your roof!

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Residential Solar in Colorado and Xcel Energy

Many people are considering “going solar” for their home’s electrical energy supply. In regards to solar In the state of Colorado, Xcel Energy company is the major utility supplier. In December 2018, Xcel Energy became the first major US utility to pledge to go carbon-free, aiming for 80% carbon reduction by 2030, and 100% reduction by 2050. They offer two types of programs to choose from for which to tap into their metering system.


Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Some people believe that rainwater will simply clean their solar panels, because it will rinse off dust and dirt; however, it cannot clean the entire surface of the panels. Proper cleaning and maintenance, done on a regular basis, will enhance the efficiency and longevity of your solar panels. If you do not have the time, or are unable to properly clean the panels yourself, you will want to seek help from professional cleaners who are trained to take care of your residential solar panels.


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