Maintaining Your Solar Panels

Cleaning Residential Solar Panels

Most people believe that how a person takes care of his or her belongings reflects the kind of personality that he or she has. We typically prefer that everything looks nice and is pleasing to the eyes. Being hygienic is desired by many because not only is it appealing to others, but it also affects our health. Cleaning is a procedure that requires the right steps in order to do it successfully. Cleaning not only removes dirt and any possible obstructions, but it preserves the quality of our belongings and helps them last longer. The same goes for maintaining and preserving your investment in a solar panel system for your home.

Some people believe that rainwater will simply clean their solar panels, because it will rinse off dust and dirt; however, it cannot clean the entire surface of the panels. Proper cleaning and maintenance, done on a regular basis, will enhance the efficiency and longevity of your solar panels. If you do not have the time, or are unable to properly clean the panels yourself, you will want to seek help from professional cleaners who are trained to take care of your residential solar panels.

cleaning_solar_panel_with_squeegeeIf you have installed angled panels, it may be easier to keep them clean since the water from rain or melting snow can just flow across, keeping them cleaner from debris. But flat panels need more attention because the water from the rain can leave a residue from the evaporation process. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, with the right materials and knowledge of the proper way to clean your solar panels, they can be easy to maintain. Make sure to use a non-abrasive sponge, and a soft brush is advisable in order for you to avoid scratching or causing damage to your panels. You also need to understand that cleaning your panels will require you to climb into your roof so it requires extra caution. Most solar panels are made of glass and silicon so it requires a gentle way of scrubbing. There are installation companies who also offer different products and services to help get your solar panel clean, and maintain the parts of your solar panel system.

Check your panels on a regular basis is recommended, because a lot of factors may affect its cleanliness. Again, depending on where your home is located, and what types of natural features surround your home (trees, dirt) and the climate where you live, all affect how often your panels need to be cleaned and inspected for efficiency. Preserving the quality of your residential solar panels requires regular cleaning in order for you to fully reap the savings of your electricity expenditure.

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