How Solar Panels Work

A Growing Share of our Energy Comes from Solar

In the early stages of our education process, we are taught about the valuable energy that the sun provides to our planet. We all know that the heat of the sun plays a big role in the growth of plants. Sunlight is one of the basic necessities of living creatures. The energy coming from the sun affects the breakdown of carbon dioxide and water molecules which is considered to be one of its many wonders. Due to the advancement of the technology, the energy coming from the sun is now used by many as a source of their electricity. We may have seen a lot of commercials and slogans trying to entice people to switch to solar energy, but most of us are still unaware of how it works. More and more homeowners are now switching  to solar energy after understanding the whole process.

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How DO Solar Panels Generate Power for Your Home?

A complete solar package consists of several parts that play various roles in converting and utilizing solar energy. A simple step in understanding how solar power works can be pretty amazing and magical. Most companies are using photovoltaic cells within the panels that are responsible for absorbing the light of the sun during daytime. These panels are arranged as a group through arrays and, after proper assessment, are ideally placed on the vacant area of your roof. The cells within the panels are what is responsible for producing electrical current. This solar cell is typically made of two layers of silicon wherein one is charged positively and the other is charged negatively, just like a battery.

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When sunlight strikes the cells, it is energized, or charged. However, the electricity being produced in this cycle is a direct current (DC ) type which we do not use at home. What we need is an alternating current (AC) type of electricity. This is done by an inverter, which is part of the equipment package of a solar panel system. After the conversion of the DC electricity into AC, the electricity runs through your home and is distributed to your home appliances

During night time, solar panels may not capture energy due to the absence of sunlight but an electric meter is also installed in order for the consumers to monitor the electricity that flows to and from your home. This metering device calculates your usage and is really helpful in measuring the energy that you consume, and what you may provide back to the “grid”. The process through which your electrical grid powered by your utility company is a lot different, but the goal is just the same – to gain power to make your appliances work.

Knowing is Half the Battle

Now that you understand the simplicity of the process, you will surely fall in love with solar power. The benefit that it brings to the environment and to the lives of people is truly delightful. Many people are switching to solar power not just because of how much they can save on their expenses but also its effect on Mother Nature. 

Solar power is now in high demand in Denver, Colorado and worldwide not only by homeowners but also by business owners. They now look toward solar energy as the economical energy choice of the present, and future. 

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