Based in Denver and Serving the West

Proudly Providing Solar Energy Customers Across the Southwestern United States and Florida

Energy Genius Solar’s headquarters is located in Denver, Colorado. and we will soon be opening additional locations in Austin, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona. We offer service in the following states:

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Every area of the country provides its own unique challenges and benefits when it comes to solar power. Our staff is familiar with these challenges and benefits and knows how to work with what each state has to offer. 

For example, Colorado is known for having “300 days of sunshine a year.” This obviously provides a great environment for solar energy to work well, but Colorado also gets a lot of snow and has many mountainous areas, both of which are challenges that must be considered when installing a solar system.

Texas isn’t quite as lucky with the days of sunshine (only about 220 days, on average), but their terrain tends to be flatter and more wide open, which makes solar energy installations easier.

Regardless of where in the country you reside, we know how to design your solar installation to make sure that it meets your power needs for decades to come.

Plans to Expand

Energy Genius Solar has no plans to confine their business to the borders of a couple states forever. We are quickly expanding to surrounding areas, to eventually cover the entire western United States. After that, we’ll expand further east.

Once the world finds out about our Power-Production Guarantee, we feel there will be no stopping us. We are the only company in the industry to offer such a guarantee, and we are excited to bring solar energy with peace of mind to residents all across the country.

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